Food and Climate Shaper Boot Camp Participants

Our Food & Climate Shaper Boot Camp participants, or Climate Shapers, hail from all corners of the globe bringing their diverse backgrounds and experiences into your Boot Camp sessions and projects.

These talented and passionate individuals will share your journey enriching it with lively conversation and new ideas. And, this purpose-driven cohort of changemakers will become part of your global network as you transition to the Future Food alumni community.

Innovative Power of Diversity

Transforming global food systems requires a new mindset and approach. And the surest method of approaching a problem from a different angle is to surround yourself with people who see things differently.

It is within this rich cross-pollination of ideas and perspectives that true innovation happens. The sharing and challenging of viewpoints that occurs during these Boot Camps is what makes them such an enriching and transformative experience for the participants. This is possible thanks to the incredible diversity within the groups.

Each Boot Camp Cohort Is:

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