Food and Climate Shaper Boot Camp Experiential Learning

The Future Food approach to learning focuses on the use of design thinking, mentorship, challenge-based work, and creativity sprints (aka Hackathons), all underpinned by a philosophy of ‘prosperity’ – making things the planet wants.

Training a new generation of climate-conscious leaders who are challenged to think from a foundation of values, embracing complexity, and oriented towards opportunity.

Learning through concrete projects and real-life challenges ensures understanding of essential needs, but also the power of co-designing and learning with and from others.


A ‘hackathon’ is a creativity sprint in which a group of people work together to address a problem. It is an innovative tool used by a variety of sectors as a way to develop new solutions. 

At the end of the Boot Camps, participants are organized into teams and assigned a specific challenge. Groups are led in how to use design thinking and other innovation tools to develop their own solution to their assigned challenge, which they will present to a panel of judges. 

The hackathon project is the culminating experience of the program, allowing participants to pull together all the learnings of the Boot Camp and apply them to a real-world challenge. Teams are assigned mentors to support them through the process of benchmarking, ideation and presenting a prototype. Some teams even go on to launch their projects as start-ups in their local communities.

Future Food Hackathon

Sample Hackathon Challenges & Solutions


How might we enable local farmers and producers to embrace better water management practices, overcoming barriers like financial literacy and access to information? 


FarmCasters local scale weather data and forecasting network to enhance smallholder farmers’ adaptive capacity through iterative citizen science cycle, empowering small rural farmers with the data needed to prosper. 


How might we strengthen consumers connection to their climate impact? 


Food Vision localized (within a single suburb at a time) competitions to incentivize climate action and food security innovation, at the grassroots level, with a TV show element for greater and scalable impact. 


How might we facilitate the mindset shift in our food value chain from unidimensional economic growth indicators to human and planet well-being? 


Food Planet facilitates intergenerational collaboration while delivering climate shaping education. A combined learning platform with virtual reality experience for 8-13 year olds and their families. 

Climate Suppers

The Future Food community spans the world, encompassing different cultures and traditions, and we think that should be celebrated. Climate Suppers are our way of bringing our ‘family’ together around the table to share our local dishes, discuss challenges and approaches in our communities, and to simply eat together as a community. Climate shapers share traditional recipes, introduce us to their families, and spend a social meal together.

Past Climate Supper Videos
Future Food Climate Supper
Steve Ritz

Local Discoveries

Every community around the world has local food heroes working to address food system challenges in their own way. We recognize the tremendous power in highlighting these initiatives both to spread their ideas and efforts, but also to spark creativity and reflection that participants can apply to their own situations. 

Climate Shapers are encouraged to seek out food system change-makers in their local communities and then introduce them to their Boot Camp cohort through a discovery session. 

Local Discovery Videos


Future Food taps into its global network work to connect Climate Shapers with relevant experts, entrepreneurs, and activists for one-on-one conversations. Mentors share advice, make introductions, offer feedback, or just have an interesting conversation. They help to inspire and encourage our Climate Shapers during and after the Boot Camp experience.

Past mentors Have Included

Alessandro Fusco

Alessandro Petrucciani

Amanda Niode

Amy Kull

Anastasia Constantini

Andrea Magelli

Andrew Blume

Anusha Murthy

Auriane Borremans

Chelsea van Hooven

Chhavi Jatwani

Chiara Cecchini

Chris Krause

Chris Richmond

Daniel Nelson

Thomas Zoellner

Elizabeth Yorke

Ilaria Gant

Leire Mazo Aguirre

Margherita Tiriduzzi

Marinus Luiten

Matteo Vignoli

Nico Domurath

Paco Álvarez

Peter Klosse

Jan Kees Klosse

Jose De La Rosa

Júlia Dalmadi

Ruel Amparo

Sara Roversi

Sonia Massari

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Food is a Conversation Alumni Edition:

Virtual sessions connecting our ecosystem members, or anyone who has attended educational programs organized by the Future Food Institute, whether it be summer programs, the Food Innovation Program, or the Food and Climate Shapers Boot Camp.

We invite our alumni to join us live via Instagram to share why they joined these programs, as well as their main learnings and takeaways. The sessions feature stories from FF alumni about their food systems and what actions they are taking to work towards a better food future.

Food is a conversation videos

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