The advanced learning program designed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations [FAO] and the Future Food Institute [FFI], includes hands-on experiences supported by a series of e-learning courses, made to transfer knowledge, skills, and competencies to strengthen the capacities of the food system professionals of today and tomorrow.

The initial in-person experience shifted to a digital format amidst the ongoing pandemic. In addition to the main learning journey, based on ecosystemic and prosperity thinking, the participants can follow four tracks: Climate-Smart Cities, Farms, Kitchens, and Oceans. The four-week part-time ‘hybrid’ learning program is filled with critical thinking exercises and live conversations with industry experts, in which continents, time zones, and age are not barriers and digital tools are the enablers of glocal community activation.
The boot camps involve multidisciplinary curated groups of “thinkers” and “doers,” young experts from all over the globe, inspired and motivated to take action in the real world to combat climate change, and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The participants will understand the interrelatedness of production and consumption. They will be able to develop a sustainability mindset ready to address the greatest challenges of our era, evaluate problem-solving strategies, and design experience and science-based solutions.

Learning by exploring the entire food value chain

Environment – Innovating food production models based on climate-conscious, smart marine, land and non-soil systems
Production – Discovering new technologies for the domestic and industrial transformation of food products; playing, co-designing and prototyping about the role of “food” and its lifecycle in the modern society: the epicenter of the Circular Systems
Access – Finding the best solutions against malnutrition and creating new tools to guarantee food safety
Nourishment – Experimenting with healthy and nutritious food, by preserving our culture and improving the food experience, strengthening biodiversity
Eating Lifestyle – Conceiving and enhancing the Food Experience through a focus on UX in new spaces and models of consumption
Awareness – Exploiting the potential of data to implement business growth

The platform comprises three distinct training “experiences”: inspiration, aspiration, and action.




With local discoveries, we have learned the importance of being able to find those local heroes, ordinary people capable of doing extraordinary things. It’s our responsibility to give voice to their stories, tell them to the world and share them so that they can be a source of inspiration for the community! Connecting not just individual participants, but participants and their community with the world.
A tool to learn on the ground from true role models, but also to strengthen the relationship between the Climate Shapers and their own communities. 









the forefront of social movements and social change
  • Access a global classroom

  • Gain an overview of different disciplines

  • Understand the impact of our actions 


executives and professionals selected by the partners of the initiative
  • Access to the pool of future workforce 

  • Develop a coopetitive mindset

  • Learn to implement key learnings, ideas, concepts



holding specific knowledge connected with the curriculum
  • Access a global network
  • Get different perspectives on the food system
  • Find potential collaboration opportunities


The Boot Camp is a one-month, part-time, very diverse and dynamic program, involving participants in “open conversations” with international experts, self-paced masterclasses, mentoring sessions, project work, design challenges and a final hackathon.
 >> The program is in English and requires language proficiency.

*Participants applying for academic credits provided by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln will need to participate on a pre-session held in Week 0. Exact date to be defined.

Tuition Fee
Regular rate: 1850 EUR
Corporate rate: 2500 EUR
Reduced rate: 975 EUR *for student, an alumnus/a of FIP, FFI/FAO boot camp, FF/YTA, or applying as part of an NGO, a start-up, or a non-profit organization
*Participants applying for academic credits provided by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln will need to pay an additional 45 USD.
>> Scholarships are available to ensure inclusivity & diversity. The decision about ‘needs-based’ scholarships is decided over the selection process.
25% Early Bird discount is available for applications submitted 2 month prior the kick off date.
Special price will be defined in case of attending multiple boot camps (digital + in-person). 
Full payment is required before the start of the program. Failing the payment deadline will automatically grant the acceptance to another participant.
Application Deadline
Applications close 2 weeks prior the kick-off date.
Digital Boot Camp Dates 2021 
5th March – 11th April – Application closes on 21.02
25th June – 25th July – Application closes on 13.06 
5th November – 5th December  – Application closes on 24.10
Digital Boot Camp Dates 2022
4th March – 3rd April – Application closes on 20.02
24th June – 24th July – Application closes on 12.06 
4th November – 4th December  – Application closes on 23.10
*Participants applying for academic credits provided by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln will receive additional information about Visiting Student enrolment ( and the UNL Academic Calendar.