Future Food and FAO – Food and Climate Shaper Boot Camps

Prosperity Thinking

These Boot Camps identify, train, and engage “Climate Shapers,” bringing together change-makers from around the world to co-design tangible strategies and innovations accelerating action on climate and the SDGs and facilitating societal transition toward the sustainable development framework.

Current food choices and practices negatively affect the climate and the vitality of humanity. We believe that a systemic approach is needed and look at the food system as a whole. 

The Future Food learning approach takes participants on a sustainable mindset journey from Inspiration, through Aspiration, and culminating with Action. 

Participants meet expert innovators and get a view of the future with new sustainable and nutritious agri-food models. Organized at inspiring locations, or in a virtual format, they include insights from relevant best practices, startups, spin-offs, or innovative projects.

Leveraging experiential learning methods, they include interactive workshops and integrate participants with local communities, using a design and prosperity thinking approach. For every Boot Camp there will also be a pre-course program based on e-learning material that has been developed by the FAO. 

Experiential Learning for Food Sustainability

The food system challenges we face today cannot be solved by the approaches and thinking that created them. We need a new ecosystemic mindset and new skills that leverage digital tools for glocal action. We need leaders who understand that everything is connected, achieving sustainable development in one area cannot come at the cost of another. 

Equipping the food system leaders of tomorrow with these competencies depends on innovative and experiential training approaches. 

In these Boot Camps, participants learn design thinking and prototyping, they get out in the community to connect with local food heroes, attend interactive ‘Climate Supper’ events to experience different food cultures, have one-on-one sessions with Food System Mentors, and work on real-life challenges in the culminating Hackathon. 

Experiential Learning

Climate-Smart Thematic Tracks

Each Boot Camp follows specific thematic tracks with corresponding learning objectives. Some locations, and the Digital Boot Camp, will offer multiple tracks, while others are more focused. 

Click on the images below to discover what you can expect to learn in our thematic tracks. 

climate smart farms

Food and Climate Shaper People

The Boot Camp community is an exceptional collection of innovative, purpose-driven, food system actors from around the world. You will learn from, connect with, and share this experiential journey with innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, chefs, farmers, policymakers, industry leaders, and youth activists. 

We believe that the best innovation comes from a rich, cross-pollination of ideas and perspectives. These Boot Camps assemble a diverse international, interdisciplinary, and intergenerational cohort of instructors, mentors, hosts, speakers, and participants to facilitate learning and challenge assumptions. 

But the journey doesn’t stop at the end of the Boot Camp, our Alumni community stays active through specially curated events and ongoing food conversations. 

Boot Camp Locations

The Food and Climate Shaper Boot Camps are conducted both online and at inspiring locations around the world. Both the virtual and in-presence formats feature the same challenge-based and interactive learning experience. 

For 2021, we are offering our award-winning digital boot camp, as well as in-presence programs on the Mediterranean island of Marettimo and at Pollica, the birthplace of the Mediterranean Diet. 

Click on the images below to explore details about these unique learning experiences and discover our 2021 Boot Camp locations here. 


Food and Climate Shaper Digital Boot Camp Wins GoAbroad Award for Most Innovative New Program-Study Abroad

Each year, GoAbroad, a US-based organization working to change lives through meaningful travel, presents awards for innovation and creativity in international education. Selected from among dozens of nominees that highlight exceptional initiatives positively impacting people around the world through international education, we are honored to have our Digital Boot Camp recognized with this award.

Future Food and FAO are grateful to our dedicated team, instructors, speakers, hosts, mentors, and amazing partners who have enabled us to continue delivering this valuable program.

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