Meet our Global Team of Boot Camp Experts

Food and Climate Shaper Boot Camp sessions are led by renowned experts, practitioners, thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and activists from around the world.

Instructors vary by Boot Camp, depending on the location and topic, however they all bring exceptional passion and expertise to the programs.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of current and past instructors, guest speakers, and mentors to give you an idea of ​​who you will be learning from and meeting with during the program.

Future Food Institute Leaders

Sara Roversi , Founder & President, Future Food institute

Chiara Ceccini , CEO, Future Food Americas

Claudia Laricchia , Head of Institutional Relations & Global Strategic Partnerships, Future Food Institute

Chhavi Jatwani , Head of Design, Future Food Institute

Julia Dalmadi , Director of Community Programs

Chris Krause , Director, Future Food Japan

Jose de la Rosa Moron , Gastronomic Scientist & Food Alchemist Lab Manager, Future Food Institute

Food & Agriculture Administration (FAO) Leaders 

Cristina Petracchi , Head of elearning Academy, FAO

Ronald Vargas , Land Resources Officer / Secretary Global Soil Partnership, FAO

Mirella Salvatore , Climate Change Officer, FAO

Julian Schnetzer , Climate and Environment Specialist, FAO

Josef Kienzle , Agricultural Engineer, FAO

Arshiya Noorani , Agriculture Officer (Plant Genetic Resources), FAO

Sustainable Food System Experts, Thought-Leaders, and Innovators

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the incredible food system thinkers and changemakers involved in our Boot Camps. 

Gianni Lorenzoni – Professor Emeritus, University of Bologna & Honorary Professor, City University London

Chris Richmond Nizi – Founder Mygrants

Antonio Gagliardi – Future Food Fellow – BluRhapsody

Marco Alberti – Head of International Institutional Affairs at ENEL

Robert Graham – Integrative Medicine doctor at Fresh Med

Simone Gozzi – Food Quality, Safety, and Sustainability Expert @CAMST

Patrizia Fracassi – Team Leader in the Nutrition Policies and Programs, SUN Movement Secretariat

Paul Newnham – Director of SDG2 Advocacy Hub

Christopher Gardner – Professor of Medicine at Stanford University

Frank Lindner – Campaigner at Foodwatch Netherlands

Caio Bacci – Project Manager for Digital Innovation Accelerator at KWS Group

Hannes Dempewolf – Senior Scientist & Head of Global Initiative at Crop Trust

Valter Zantoni & Paula Ponteli Costa – from Pretaterra

Andrea Carapellese, Aurora Cicillini, Pierandrea Magaraci, Eleonora Nella, Livia Canepa, from UNIDO ITPO Italy

Justin Brown – Eounder Overseas Environmental & Biologist at Eldey Aqua

Liane Thompson – CEO / Founder Aquaai

Patrick Heidkamp – Chair of the Department of the Environment, Geography and Marine Science, Southern Connecticut State University

Kristen Lowitt – Assistant Professor at School of Environmental Studies, Queen’s University

Peter Klosse – Professor of gastronomy at Hotel Management School Maastricht and founder of The Academy for Scientific Taste Evaluation (TASTE)

Prof. Mariarosaria Lombardi – University of Studies of Foggia

Lisa Feldman – Director of Culinary Services at Sodexo

Emile van der Staak – Botanical Chef at De Nieuwe Winkel

Adam Brumberg – Research Specialist in the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business and Deputy Director of the Cornell Institute for Behavioral Economics and Consumer Choice (IBECC)

This list is updated as more speakers and mentors join the Boot Camp teams. While each Boot Camp will not hear from all of these people, this list provides you with an idea of the type of speakers involved in the program. Once enrolled, the Boot Camp team will notify you of the confirmed speakers for your respective program. 

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