Climate-Smart Farms Learning Objectives

  • Food Security
  • Regulate Harvesting
  • Reduce Food Loss
  • Increase water-use efficiency
  • Value Creation
  • Improve land and soil quality
  • Increase biodiversity
  • Fair pricing
  • Halt Deforestation
  • Price Volatility


The course modules of the Climate-Smart Farms track are addressed in masterclasses and live conversations with experts in the field. The masterclasses are live sessions or thematic videos recorded by experts and provide a general overview on the topic. The current situation and future challenges will be explored and identified.


Our guests:

  • Andrea Carapellese, Aurora Cicillini, Pierandrea Magaraci, Eleonora Nella, Livia Canepa UNIDO ITPO Italy
  • Anne Mottet Livestock Development Officer, FAO
  • Arshiya Noorani Agriculture Officer (Plant Genetic Resources), FAO
  • Caio Bacci Project Manager for Digital Innovation Accelerator, KWS Group
  • Carolina Olivera Sanchez International Consultant (Soil Management), FAO
  • Daniel Repuri & Hatim Morbiwala Research Analysts, VeggiTech
  • Emilio Sessa MBA Engineering, Carbon Credit Consulting
  • Haekoo Kim Agriculture Officer (Plant Nutrition and fertilizers), FAO
  • Hannes Dempewolf Senior Scientist & Head of Global Initiative, Crop Trust
  • Hemant Julka Co-Founder, VeggiTech
  • Jon Walsh Urban Farmer & Farming Consultant, Tokyo
  • Josef Kienzle Agricultural Engineer, FAO
  • Julie Bélanger Technical Officer Biodiversity and Environment, FAO
  • Julian Schnetzer Natural Resources Officer, FAO
  • Mirella Salvatore Climate Change Officer, FAO
  • Paula Costa & Valter Ziantoni, Pretaterra
  • Ritsuko Yoneda Deputy Director, The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan
  • Ronald Vargas Soils and Land Management Officer, FAO
  • Sandra Corsi Conservation Agriculture Officer, FAO
  • Şeyda Ozkan Livestock and Climate Change Consultant, FAO

*Guests vary depending on the Boot Camp location and timing, but this list will give you an idea of the type of speakers involved in the Climate-Smart Farms track. 

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