Food and Climate Shaper Boot Camp in Marettimo, Italy

You will explore Marettimo, this 12-square-km island of the Egadi archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, where nature and people become one. Fishermen and locals will lead you through the discovery of sustainable fisheries and the importance of resilience. Join our Boot Camp, organized in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and become a Climate Shaper!


  • INSPIRATION: Investigate and reflect on sustainability issues, with a focus on climate-smart oceans and resilient communities, at both the local and  global levels, with sector experts including  institutional representatives from international agencies (FAO, European Union, PRIMA Foundation, GFAR, etc.), academia, chefs, and activists.
  • ASPIRATION: Observe the sustainable fishing practices used on the island and listen to the story of the community of Marettimo. You will participate in local discoveries to actively understand the island environment: go and recover nets with local fishermen, use traditional transport means such as donkeys and hear stories from the elders! Connect and collaborate with fellow Boot Campers. From fellows to speakers to staff members: share your ideas, get inspired by the community, and explore together. 
  • ACTION: Transfer your knowledge into practice and become a climate shaper. At the end of the week you will take part in our two-day Hackathon to apply your ideas and solve real world problems with your team giving back solutions to the community hosting us!


  • Positive stories in action – Climate change is often treated in a very catastrophic way and this stops people from taking action: frustration and anxiety often take over. During our experience startuppers, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and doers will inspire you to take action in your field or in your community!
  • A Boot Camp for the community – We are deeply convinced that community and networks are fundamental for achieving sustainability in the food sector. We put SDG 17 “Partnerships for the goals” at the very center of our activities. Only through the sharing of knowledge, can we help each other and build a stronger and more connected community.
  • Have your ever thought about…? – The richness of our Boot Camps relies on the variety of the content and on the field of expertise of the participants. This thriving environment will help you find new stimuli and connections that will surprise you, to address climate change in a more creative way and find unexpected solutions.
These Boot Camps involve multidisciplinary curated groups of “thinkers” and “doers,” young experts coming from all over the globe, inspired and motivated to take action in the real world to combat climate change and its impacts.
The diverse pool of competences within each cohort (engineering, food technology, chemistry, economics, design, entrepreneurship, gastronomic sciences, food studies, political science, health, philosophy, international cooperation, food sciences, architecture, management and marketing, etc..) is one of the key ingredients in a rich and memorable experience. 

All sessions are conducted in English. Participants must have adequate English proficiency to follow sessions and contribute to discussions and projects. 

Boot Camp “Climate Shapers” are selected through an application process consisting of: 

  • Online application form
  • Brief personal statement of 250 words (within application form)
  • Uploading current CV
  • Interview
Why Marettimo, Sicily, Italy

The Egadi archipelago (in ancient times called Aegades or Aegates) consists of three islands: Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, and of two big rocks, Formica and Maraone, halfway between Trapani and the first two islands. With its 53,992 ha, it is the largest Marine Reserve in Europe.

Marettimo was called Hiera, which means “holy island” and it is the most extreme and unpolluted of the archipelago islands. This paradise, in the heart of the Mediterranean, has a history that originates with the myth of Ulysses and passes through Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, and the Spaniards.

Future Food chose Marettimo as a symbol of the Mediterranean, where biodiversity of flora and fauna are rich and unique. The island vegetation is rich in special, endemic plants, some of which are completely absent from the soil of Sicily, but present on the coasts of Lazio, Tuscany, and Asia Minor.

Marettimo is the perfect place to study the sustainable use of marine resources and small-scale fisheries. Additionally, the boot camp is organized during the second edition of the Italian Marettimo Film Festival which has a special section dedicated to documentaries on the environment which will enrich the experience of the boot camp.

Learning Platform and Curriculum

The Boot Camp is based on an experiential learning platform that allows participants to engage in an international workshop environment comprised of live experiences, challenges, prototyping exercises, teamwork-based innovation challenges, mentorship sessions, and inspirational talks presented by visionary entrepreneurs, policymakers, innovators, and thought leaders. Learn about the Boot Camp instructors, speakers, and mentors here. 

The platform is composed of three distinct training “experiences”: inspiration, aspiration, and perspiration.

Inspiration – To combine learning and innovation to get a view of the future, through the eyes of big visionaries and experts.

Aspiration – To unlock your potential by realizing your ideas, at the side of the doers.

Perspiration – To convert your ideas into action and make a transformation within your communities. 


  • End overfishing
  • Differential treatment
  • Value creation
  • Sustainable management of aquaculture
  • Sustainable use of marine resources
  • Access small-scale fisheries
  • Learn more

Cross-curricular “Food Shoot”

This experiential learning platform enables talented, purpose-driven individuals to optimize their specific food interventions to first, positively impact the five Food Shoot areas, identified by the Google Food Team, and ultimately the food-related SDGs.

  • ENABLE individuals to make personal, informed food choices for sustainable lifestyles
  • SHIFT diets
  • ENHANCE food (systems) transparency
  • REDUCE loss and waste in food systems
  • ACCELERATE the transition to a circular food economy

In addition to an enriching experience, knowledge, and skills, participants who successfully complete the boot camp, and all related activities, will earn a Climate Shaper certificate, from Future Food Institute and FAO elearning academy. This certificate can be displayed on your social media profiles and included in your CV. 

Beyond the certificate of completion, Climate Shapers will also have access to the Future Food Alumni network, including invitation to exclusive events and further opportunities for involvement in food transformation initiatives. 


Climate Shapers are SEEDERS, talented and charismatic individuals, driving dialogue and change, SEEING the challenges of current systems that accelerate climate change and chronic diseases, ENVISIONING what needs to be done to improve these systems as a part of reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), ENGAGING with people and organizations in their own environments to start making change, DOING a pledge to stay actively involved.

Three are the main target groups that are equally balanced to preserve the value of diversity of the cohort:

  • YOUTH – always at the forefront of social movements and social change. The size and scope of the climate strike and its success has been impressive; however, change-makers can amplify their impact turning their energy and inspiration into action.
  • RESEARCHERS/INNOVATORS/CHANGE MAKERS – holding specific knowledge or leading a project strictly connected with the topic of the learning experience: ENVIRONMENT – regenerative food systems [cities, farms, oceans];  HEALTH – regenerative vitality; EATING – regenerative kitchens.
  • DECISION MAKERS [PRIVATE/PUBLIC SECTOR] – executives and professionals selected by the partners of the initiative, feeling that the world is changing at lightning speed and the pace of change is only going to get faster.  Executives need to be aware of their role in taking responsibility and become part of the solutions for a better world. 

The key factors of the “Climate Shapers” learning experience:

  • be inter-generational 
  • engage with each other through live debate and challenging ideas on the most critical topics
  • be based on deep life experience
  • rely on science
  • be diverse and inclusive
  • be driven by prosperity thinking using the regenerative business canvas for live prototyping during the learning sessions
  • nudge each other to take a pledge
  • involve each other in the community, sharing a purpose 

Learn more about the Boot Camp participants here. 


Participation Fee: Each boot camp at the regular participation fee costs 1.850 euro. 

This includes tuition, prototyping materials, 7 shared meals and access to the workshop. 

If you are applying as part of a company, one boot camp costs 2.500  euro. 

If you are a student, an alumnus/a of FIP, FFI/FAO boot camp, FF/YTA, or applying as part of an NGO, a startup, or a non-profit organization, you are entitled to the reduced participation fee, and the fee for one boot camp is 975 euro.

Schedule: The boot camp is a full time – intensive program. Three community events/dinners and Hackathon involving the local stakeholders are going to be organized. The last day of the program lessons ends at 2 PM.

What is the best method of payment? We suggest that you use a credit card or PayPal. If you are unable to pay with a credit card you can pay via bank transfer. However, if we don’t receive your payment within 7 days, your workshop bookings will be canceled to give your space to another participant.

Is there a lower fee for participating in more than 1 week? Yes. When you enroll for 3 weeks, you get 25% off, when you enroll for 2 weeks, you get 20% off. [This promotional rate is already discounted from the regular rate and; additional discounts may not be combined with this offer – like early bird rate]

Is there an Early Bird rate? Yes. If you sign up before May 1st you will get 25% off – the Early Bird rate. If you sign after you will pay the standard tuition. Registration will close on 1 month before the start of the school. Please note that there are only 10 seats available at the Early Bird rate and 60 seats in total.

Is there a lower fee if I apply as part of an NGO, a startup, or a non-profit organization? Yes, we offer a reduced fee for people belonging to an NGO, a startup or a non-profit organization. If you are eligible for this fee, please check the box in the application form. Please note that we may ask you for proof of your eligibility.

Is there a lower fee for FIP [Food Innovation Program] alumni, Food Innovation Summer School alumni, Future Food’s Young Talent Academy, and YCL members? Yes, we offer a reduced participation fee for students. If you are eligible for this fee, please check the box in the application form. Please note that we may ask you for proof of your eligibility.Max Availability : 20

Language : All courses are taught in English.


Getting to Marettimo: 

The island is served by regular ferries from Sicily through Ustica Ferries (select Isole Egadi) and Siremar.

Upon admission to the program, you will be contacted for information on your travel plans so that Future Food can assist you with your transportation arrangements. 

Getting around Marettimo: 

Transportation around the island for all the Boot Camp activities will be coordinated by Future Food. Participants only need to arrange getting to the Island.


All Boot Camp participants will be hosted by local families. Future Food will organize the arrangements and communicate with you prior to your arrival. The cost of accommodations is included in the total cost of the program.

Upon admission to the program, Future Food will send you a questionnaire to inquire about your accommodation preferences. 


All meals are provided from Monday, 13 July through Monday, 19 July. Upon admission to the program, you will be sent a questionnaire which will ask about any dietary restrictions. 

Other provisions: 

There is a small grocery store, fresh market, pharmacy, caffe, and bar on the island should you need anything else during your stay.

For more information on the island please visit the local tourism site here.



If you have specific questions regarding the logistics please contact

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