Preserving the world’s heritage, empowering local communities to build prosperity for all.
Chris Spezzano, President at Empathy Incubator
The Empathy Incubator is an extension of Chris’ heart and mind. Since graduating with a degree in political science and sociology from Columbia University in the City of New York, he has fully devoted himself to building a regenerative business ecosystem to help humanity return to a lifestyle in harmony with the Earth. Its technology-powered charitable foundation, coupled with the Empathy Incubator, has the ability to transform the international aid process. 
An opportunity to share the issues and incredible difficulties we’re facing in Hawai’i and as a planet, but also that we have an opportunity to transform systems and methods that are not serving us. It’s a chance for us all to build better relationships with ourselves, each other, and our communities. 
Aloha, empathy, and human relationship are our most precious resources, especially during this crisis, and Hawai’i has a special opportunity to pioneer a new way of being for the planet. 
Our finalized agenda for Hawaii’s hour:
Sara Roversi & Chris Intro 
Dr. Malia Smith & Kumu Ramsay Taum  Intro & Pule 
Merlinda Forrman
Christopher & Sara Closing
Malia & Ramsay Closing