Responding to COVID-19: a prospective on Food and Sustainability from the the land of innovation
Elizabeth Carney, Executive Producer, Tribal Code and Founder, Zen Heart, Chair Business and Leadership Forum at the Commonwealth Club. She is a Connector, Communicator, Collaborator, Promoter and Organizer. She serves as Business Catalyst, Creative Thinker, Marketing and Brand Strategist. Promoting Sustainable Business Development, she offers Leadership and Mentoring to those with whom she works.
Danielle Gould, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Food+Tech Connect, the site of record and community for the food tech sector & Alpha Food Labs. She is a founding member of the Culinary Institute of America’s Business Leadership Council, a member of the Google Innovation Lab For Food Experiences and a mentor for Accel Foods and Food-X. She is also a contributor to Forbes and The Huffington Post.
Alyssa Pizzurro, Food Labs Manager, San Francisco at WeWork. A skilled communicator and master connector with a passion for building community and having impact within sphere of influence, such as aiding the future of food. 


Chefs role to preserve our planet
Raman Frey, Founder GP Dinners Partner AH Global. For the last 19 years, Raman Frey has built companies and communities in the Bay Area, bringing people together around meaningful conversations about art, technology, religion, politics and philosophy. He’s started businesses and served on the boards of a variety of organizations. As an event producer, public speaker, moderator and interviewer, Raman thrives off of improvisation. The ideal of civil discourse, amongst people with contrasting points of view, is how he believes real progress begins.
Behzad Jamshidi, Chef & Founder of Moosh NYC
Silvia Baldini is a branding expert and an Italian-born chef known for her work with popular Italian ingredients